Remotes at Home is a new, exciting and unique in-home service that until now was reserved for costly custom installed home theaters systems, a One Remote, One Button Solution.

We are a web based/mobile service that provides custom programmed remote controls delivered and set-up in your home to operate exclusively with your current Audio/Video equipment. We are unmatched in our experience and industry certifications.

Eliminates the need to use multiple remote controls (up to 255 different remotes can be programmed into one single remote). No longer will you need four different remotes just to watch TV. Every device in your A/V system can be controlled with just one custom programmed universal remote control. Only a few years ago, remotes like this would have cost you thousands of dollars.

Not only do we provide you with one remote that controls every component in your system, our custom programming provides you with the ability to perform complicated remote functions with the touch of a Button. This exciting capability is called a Macro; Macros are multiple remote button pushes from multiple remotes that are recorded into your custom programmed universal remote control. This gives you the ability to perform such functions such as Watch TV, Listen to CD or Watch DVD with the touch of a single button. See “Macros” for more details.

When used in combination with an optional RF Base Station, the Remote becomes an amazing remote control powerhouse that sends multi-directional RF signals that pass through walls, doors and floors—both indoors and outdoors. It enables you to control components that are completely out-of-sight, up to 100’ away. No more Pointing. Now you can close your entertainment center doors, hide your components, and still control them with ease. Control outdoor speakers on your patio. Turn off every TV in the house with a single button press. Control your A/V components everywhere from anywhere.

Other services provided by Remotes at Home includes “System Configuration” and “System Set-Up” to insure that you are receiving the most from your audio/video investment. Our technicians are certified by industry organizations and have the knowledge required for today’s complicated audio/video electronics.

Use the Remote Quote Form to tell us what equipment you have and which remote you are interested in and our staff will email you a quote for programming your new universal remote control at your home.  Remotes start at $399 and custom in-home Programming starts at $149.

Are you ready to end the coffee table clutter and put all those remotes in the closet?

This service is currently available in the Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties of California. Please do not request a quote if you do not live in these counties. Sales can not be made through the internet.