This in-home service will examine your Audio/Video system to make sure that the proper interconnects are used and the devices have been properly connected and they have been setup to yield the best possible performance.

Here is a list of just a few of the items that must be set or adjusted once the equipment has been installed.

You could not posably beleive what we see when it comes to how a $6,000 TV, a $1,000 DVD and a $1,200 Receiver are connected by someone that clamed to be a porfesional, only to find the installation was done without digital audio and without a High Definition Video connection. The costumer might as well have spent $7,000 less and had the same sound and picture quility. Are you getting you monies worth?

Should you use HDMI, DVI, Component, Composit, or even VGA, XVGA? Its okay if you don’t know, we do, give us a call.

We will bring the proper interconnects, accessories and tools to do what is necessary . If you think you will have this type of service from the big box retailers, ask what certifications the installer holds that will be coming to your house.

Our services are not cheeper than the other retailers but on par with services that they have to offer, its our knowalage that is the bargain.

System Set-Up and Installation