Remotes at Home sells remotes that are computer programmable. We will bring your new advanced universal remote control that you have selected to your house and program it with our laptop that is loaded with all available IR remote codes.

Pricing for remote programming depends on several factors and requirements.

Number of Devices
Devices are components that are IR controlled in you system including:
Sources, which include any device that provides audio, video or both,
Controllers, which include Processors, Integrated Amplifier, and Receivers
TV, Monitors and Projectors, Subwoofers, Lighting Controls and Media Servers

Number of Macros
Macros are a string of individual IR commands and are programmed to be sent, one after the other, from the press of a single button. Macros simplify the use of your remote control and automate things like input switching and changing channels with the press of only one button. Macros are considered as Events, such as Play DVD, Watch Tivo, All ON, All OFF or anything that requires more than one IR command to complete. Remotes can be programmed with hundreds of IR commands per Macro and almost key or button can contain a Macro.
Here is an example of a simple One Button Source Macro to "Watch a DVD" which would normally take three different remotes and more than nine key strokes:

1.Receiver Remote – Power ON
2.TV Remote - Power ON
3.DVD Remote – Power ON
4.Receiver Remote - DVD Input
5.TV Remote - Input Video 1
6.DVD Remote - Menu
7.DVD Remote - Select Play
8.DVD Remote - Enter
9.Receiver Remote - Select Listening Mode
10.    Receiver Remote - Select Volume Level

And after the movie starts, without a Universal Programmed Remote you would still need 2 remotes to control volume, tracks and play/pause. This can all be done with one remote.

With an "All Off" Macro, all three units can be turned off with one button instead of using the three different remotes to power down.

Number of Favorites
These are programmed shortcuts, also called Macros, to commonly viewed channels on TV, Cable and Satellite boxes.  The LCD will display the channel ID such as HGTV, NBC, CBS, ESPN, etc. Once in the Favorites screen, one press of a button will switch the tuner to that channel. Once a Favorite has been selected, the remote automatically reverts back to the current Source Screen.

In-Home remote programming starts at just $149 (not including remote). This includes six (6) Devices, six (6) Event Macros including “ALL OFF” and “ALL ON”. Additional Devices and Macros are $10-$30 each, Favorites will be charged at $5 for each page of Favorites. Once you fill out the Remote Programming Form we will provide you with free quote.